HumanOS® Runtime

The HumanOS® Runtime is a kind of construction kit for developing ICT and IoT solutions and forms the basis of all software solutions from CyberTech Engineering GmbH. The runtime consists of the core system, a generic message bus, connectors and service protocols. In the core system, data is stored, correlated, enriched with data from other sources and, finally, the data model is standardized. This data can then be easily transferred to peripheral systems for further processing or display.

The application possibilities are unlimited. Thanks to the HumanOS® SDK, the ideas and wishes of our partners can be developed and implemented within a reasonable period of time.

Open Platform

HumanOS® Runtime ist ein offenes und modulares Framework. Dank seiner einzigartigen Architekur eignet es sich optimal um Micro-Service basierte Plattformen zu bauen.

My Connectors

  • Creating connectors
  • Connection of your devices
  • Large library of existing connectorsErstellen von Konnektoren

My Machine Learning

  • Data correlations
  • Abstraction of the data points into data models
  • Own data processors and learning plugins

My Workflows

  • Model your own processes
  • Human-machine interactions

My Connectivity

  • Creating bridge solutions
  • Connection to your ICT or cloud platform
  • Monitoring of the IoT devices

My Automation

  • Creation of new automatic processes
  • Integration of the surrounding systems
  • Data hub

My BusinessModel

  • Developing business processes
  • Ensure the KPIs
  • WebUI for human-machine interactions

HumanOS Architecture

The architecture of HumanOS ® Runtime is based on the holistic system model of URANOS and is defined in three dimensions:


Abstraction Continuum

From the hardware to the application model
  • Connectors to physical and virtual devices
  • Device detection
  • Data abstraction
  • Processing and applications

Business Layering

Enterprise architecture dimension
  • Persistence and History
  • Business layer
  • Presentation layer
  • Services for overlying systems


Any scaling thanks to the generic NodeSpace
  • Distributed computing
  • Cell Computing Model
  • Generic communication between the microservices
  • Auto-detection and recovery
  • Redundancy computing

Swiss Made Software


Our R&D Scrum team in Switzerland develops and programs the HumanOS® IoT platform for our local and international customers.

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