HumanOS® IoT Platform

Are you ready for the digitization of the industry? CyberTech Engineering offers leading technologies & products for your Smart Factory. HumanOS® supports you on the way to modern technologies and future-oriented business models such as Smart Manufacturing, Predictive Maintenance and other applications in the context of Industry 4.0.

Evaluate the profitability and cost of your machines with HumanOS® to create more accurate offers for your customers.


HumanOS® SmartGateway

The SmartGateway is a slim IoT platform for Industry-, ICT- and Building automation. This cost-effective IoT solution offers you the latest OPC UA, MTConnect and MQTT technologies to network your machines. The Connectors Bundle, specially designed for the industry, allows you to connect controls such as FANUC, SIEMENS, BECKHOFF, NUM and ANDORN.

In addition to simple MDE applications, even more complex requirements can be realized with data correlations and DNC.

HumanOS® SmartControl

SmartControl is the ultimate IoT platform for industrial-, ICT- and building automation. It builds on the SmartGateway, providing maximum flexibility in terms of machine learning, complex data correlations, connectors and kernel plug-ins.

The application possibilities of the Smart-Control are unlimited. From dynamic and adaptive MDE applications to modern MES, to future-oriented SmartFactory solutions, the SmartControl design allows you to turn your ideas into reality.

HumanOS® Orchestrator

The Orchestrator is a version of the HumanOS® specially designed for ICT- and business automation. With a wide range of ICT and Business Connectors, you can automate and control your existing ICT environment.

From the data center to the private cloud, the Orchestrator manages networks, servers and applications so that they can be ordered and used by business units at the click of a mouse.

HumanOS® IoT Designer is a development environment with which a machine park or ICT system can be digitized in a simple and efficient way.

IoT Made Easy:
  • Large collection of templates (projects, devices, etc.)
  • Assemble devices and configurations with just a few clicks
  • Test and roll out to any number of target devices
  • Updating running systems
Trial / Licensing
  • Free designer package can be downloaded here
  • includes trial platform for SmartGateway
  • Access to HumanOS® License Portal
  • License management directly in the designer
Support for all HumanOS® IoT platforms:
  • HumanOS® SmartGateway Trial
  • HumanOS® SmartGateway
  • HumanOS® SmartControl
  • HumanOS® Orchestrator

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