The manufacturer-independent platform for the automation and networking of machines, systems, sensors, actuators and peripheral systems. Get an overview of your entire machine park and the tools used via the dashboard function. Orders can be automatically transferred to the machines (MES), insight into the service life of the tools (tool life cycle) and overall system effectiveness calculations (OEE), as well as detailed evaluations of error states on the machines can be implemented with the function modules of ctProduction.

Your benefit
  • Management of your tools
  • Management and monitoring of your machine tools and systems
  • Adaptive and intelligent operating status monitoring (OEE)
  • MES & DNC applications
  • No dependencies on cloud or internet platforms
  • Transparent licensing
  • Easily manage additional IoT devices
  • Connected on premise or cloud

Price on request


Smart MDE / BDE

  • BDE / MDE with dynamic
  • Situation and condition analysis
  • Evaluation of the profitability of the individual machines (OEE)
  • Data is saved locally
  • Cloud connection possible (Azure, AWS, ...)

Digitized Factory

  • Manufacturing execution system (MES)
  • Bookings from the machine directly into the ERP
  • Digitized maintenance

Tracking / QM

  • Store process and product data in a structured and forgery-proof manner
  • Data analysis
  • Connection to blockchain platforms

Smart Tool Management

  • Tool life management
  • Automation of tool management
  • Direct transmission to machines
  • Connection of the ToolExpert Platform from Fraisa
  • Supports RFID for tool data

OEM Partner Connectivity

  • Management of OEM-specific edge gateways
  • Interface to sensors and actuators
  • Interface to Azure, proAlpha, SAP, ...
  • Program transfer DNC
  • OPC UA bridge

See IoT Gateway for more information.

Our Partners

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