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Due to modern communication techniques and the adaptive learning behavior, our products dynamically and steadily adapt to the changes in your business.



HumanOS™ is an adaptive and teachable software kernel. It is an enabler for profound human-machine collaboration and a corner stone for future human-machine symbiosis.


The Human Operation System (HumanOS™) is more than just a software solution. As an integral part of a human-centered system, HumanOS™ allows:
  • Conversation between human and machines
  • Exchange of knowledge, intentions and goals
  • Dynamic and adaptive behavior based on gained knowledge


HumanOS™ can be used in your business in different areas:
  • Control of machines
  • Handling complex business transactions (eg. controlling and monitoring processes)
  • Human training and education
  • Smart building and environments
  • ...

Smart Industrial Machining

Smart Industrial Machining

Smart Industrial Machines (SIMs) are an integral part of Smart Factories and Industry 4.0. We offer you solutions to keep your new and old machines ready for the future of the industry. This includes: digitizing your machines and processes and integrating them into existing IT.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart Industrial Machining is based on the HumanOS™ kernel. This product comes with additional features like:
  • Revolutionary communication with machine operators
  • Interfaces for sensors, actuators and CNC controls
  • Plug & Produce
  • Adaptive production optimizing
  • Internal data cloud as a basis for preventive maintenance

Integration & Operation

The SIM integration into the existing business IT is one of the big challenges of the next future, due to efficiency and security. It requires an understanding of both sides, industry and IT, so that a practical and meaningful solution is created.

With CyberTech Engineering, you have a competent partner that combines industry and IT under one roof.

The product is under development and is available as test version.

You can support the product as a partner. Please contact us to learn more about it.

IT Solutions

IT Solutions

The art in information technologies is to correctly combine of the right products to a good and secure IT infrastructure according to the requirements and the existing budget. We offer comprehensive and individualized IT solutions for your company.

Open Architecture

There are lots of products on the market and every product has its own right to exist. The art of information technology is to correctly combine of the right products to a good IT infrastructure according to the requirements and the existing budget.

Although there are always standard solutions, which fit 85% to the company, they usually do not have the integration and flexibility required in your company.

For the same money, a customized solution quickly covers 95% of your needs and allows you to react faster to changes without ever having to rebuild everything.

Solutions for SMEs and start-ups

Many solutions have been built to give the big companies a comprehensive solution.

The small companies need many functions of the big ones, but only in small quantities. Most products are not designed for this purpose or have minimum quantities or high prices for small quantities.

We have put together a special solution for small companies to find solutions that support them in a cost-effective and comprehensive way.

This includes a storage solution with a small virtualization and an automatic backup.

Depending on what the customer wants, this can be built into a cloud-based or a local solution.

More information will follow ...



We contribute to OpenSource Communities! With our frameworks in C ++ and C #, you realize challenging and highly complex systems. You are welcome to actively participate in their development.

Our three basic frameworks are OpenSource Projects:
  • Zeus-Framework: A C++ application framework made of different libraries.
    • ZeusBase provides among others GC like memory management, threading, networking, RMI for C++, security classes.
    • ZeusMath encompasses stochastic and geometric functions, and classes for genetic algorithm, neuronal networks and fuzzy logic.
    • ZeusPerv provides a comprehensive framework for pervasive computing and cyber-physical aplications
  • Dionysos Framework: A C++ framework for embedded systems based on ARM micro controller
  • Orion: C# framework usable for smart industrial and business appliations.

Check out our OpenSource Website

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Over 15 years experience and knowledge of industrial machine controls, software architecture and engineering, artificial and pervasive intelligence, we are dedicated to provide the best and economical solutions to our valued customers.

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