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Trial version OPC-UA Server for FANUC, NUM, BECKHOFF and ANDRON Controls based on HumanOS SmartGatway. This version is limited in runtime and number of data access points.
Created 2017-10-24
Changed 2018-10-23
Version 1.2.0 Trial
Size 82.2 MB
System Windows
Downloads 218
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HumanOS SDK can be used to develop modern HMI. This short demo shows how to design a WPF application. The demo uses FANUC NCGUIDE as simulator.
Created 2018-09-22
Changed 2018-10-23
Version 1.3.3
Size 8.97 MB
Downloads 18
Over 15 years experience and knowledge of industrial machine controls, software architecture and engineering, artificial and pervasive intelligence, we are dedicated to provide the best and economical solutions to our valued customers.

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