What a partnership incredibly effective and efficient makes is collaboration - working together towards one goal! What has long been common among people is unfortunately still neglected in software development. HumanOS® uses this capability, which leads to almost endless new application possibilities and flexibility.

Classic micro services today communicate with each other using proprietary protocols or messages. Even if you use a message bus like MQTT, most micro services are interdependent.

HumanOS® micro services communicate using a brand new generic protocol. For you and your application this means:

  • Maximum independence of the micro services among each other
  • Real and realizable plug & play functionalities

Shared Entity Space

The shared entity space process is the simplest architecture for a micro service platform.

  • The micro services share the entity models of a database
  • Communication happens through the entities
  • Other forms of communication between the micro services are proprietary

Shared Nodespace

All micro services share the same object space (Node Space). This process offers maximum flexibility and independence between micro services and their tasks..

  • Micro services share the object space (Node Space)
  • Communication via a message bus (MQTT, RmQ, ...)

Use Case Industry 4.0

Situation Today

  • Each machine is individually integrated in a higher-level system (ERP, cloud, ...)
  • Unnecessary dependencies
  • High effort to integrate new machines into the system
  • High expenditure for maintenance and operation of the infrastructure

Situation with HumanOS® Micro-Services

  • Each machine is connected via a micro service
  • The micro services automatically transfer their data to a HumanOS® micro service, which serves as an interface to other systems (e.g. OPC-UA server, MTConnect, ...)
  • New machines can be added via plug and play
  • Critical machines (or systems) can be addressed redundantly via several micro services

Take the step today to implement an independent, flexible and future-oriented IoT platform with HumanOS®. We would be happy to advise you personally on how you can turn your use case into reality.


Over 15 years experience and knowledge of industrial machine controls, software architecture and engineering, artificial and pervasive intelligence, we are dedicated to provide the best and economical solutions to our valued customers.