HumanOS IoT Designer v1.8.2

With the HumanOS IoT Designer you can create your own IoT platform for Industry 4.0 projects. Develop, test and deploy your ideas concretely with HumanOS. The designer includes project templates for OPC-UA Server, MTConnect Agents and REST-API applications. Devices such as FANUC, HEIDENHAIN, SIEMENS, NUM, BECKHOFF Controls and much more can be easily added to your IoT Project.

HumanOS IoT Runtime v1.8.2 Trial Version

Trial version OPC-UA Server for FANUC, HEIDENHAIN, SIEMENS, NUM, BECKHOFF and ANDRON Controls based on HumanOS SmartGatway. This version has following limitation for FANUC:
  • runtime is limited to one hour (FANUC Driver and OPC-UA plug-in)
  • only four data access points can be configured for data exchange
  • only two commands can be set
  • only one FANUC driver task processor can be used
  • no FANUC Control capabilities, like program or tool life management
  • limited history access of 4 min

The trial version also comes with plugins to connect to other sources:

  • HEIDENHAIN iTNC controls
  • SIEMENS S7-200 to S7-1500 controls
  • ANDRON pc-based controls (andronic)
  • NUM Axium, Flexium and Flexium+ controls
  • BECKHOFF PLC controls (unlimited)
  • OPC-UA based controls, like B&R, SIEMENS, BECKHOFF, ...
  • OPC-DA based controls
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Serial COM devices
  • Web Cams
  • Controls providing REST API, like EROWA JMS
  • SQL databases and XML based data sources (unlimited)

The OPC-UA Server plugin provides Data Access (DA), History Access (HA), Alarm&Conditions (A&C) and Commands.

Other services are included, such as:

  • MT Connect Agent
  • Webservice (REST API)
  • MQTT publisher
  • RabbitMQ publisher
  • Universal data logger (for InfluxDB, SQL, CSV and REST API)

Manuals to setup and configure your HumanOS SmartGateway are included (installdir/doc).

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